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Need to locate a Judgment Debtors bank account anywhere in the United States of America? Hollister Process Service has teamed with a Private Investigation company who can locate bank accounts. We pass those services off to a Licensed Private Investigation firm on behalf of our customers.

Hollister Process Service helps Judgment Creditors collect funds from the Judgment Debtors via the Notice of Levy form. We will prepare the Instruction letters to the local Sheriff, prepare the Notice of Levy forms, open the Sheriff Levy file, serve the documents to the bank and then file the Proof of Service form to notify the Sheriff that the bank was served. We can also prepare the Writ of Execution and any necessary Memorandums of Costs After Judgment forms.

Our Bank Account locating services are very effective. Our services do not violate any Federal, State or local laws and the service of locating bank accounts is used to collect funds due to the Judgment Creditor.

We do not call the bank pretending to be the Judgment Debtor in order to find out if there is an account in his name. This type of scheme violates the law! Our services are completely GLBA compliant.

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We charge $250 per hour for the services to locate bank accounts and can usually complete the investigation within two hours.