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There are no refunds on cancellation of jobs after the documents have been assigned to a process server. 

Procedure to cancel a job:

1) Call our office. If we verbally confirm that the job can be cancelled because the documents have not been assigned to a process server in the field then there will be a charge of $25. We will refund any prepayments less processing and handling fees within 7 business, non-holiday days. If the customer calls prior to any processing or assigning to process servers then there is no charge.

2) If the customer calls to cancel and we do not answer the phone because we are either on the phone with another customer or are not in the office at the time you call then the customer must email Hollister Process Service at hollisterps@gmail.com and receive confirmation from our office that we acknowledge the cancellation. Our office replies to emails in a timely manner. The auto reply email our email program sends out is not sufficient confirmation. Our office staff needs to confirm the cancellation verbally or in writing.

See prepayments and policies below for additional information.


Once we verbally or electronically, by email, acknowledge receiving the assignment and agree to perform the job then it is implied that the customer will pay for the services requested. 

All service requests must be accompanied with prepayment or payment arrangement. In the event our company accepts an assignment without requiring prepayment for whatever reason, the customer agrees to pay the invoice(s) for service. If the payment is not paid within 30 days, there will be a $25 late fee incurred by the customer.


Hollister Process Service is a State of California Process Service company. We use process servers throughout the State of California. Some of those hired are our own employees and subcontractors. Proofs of Service are prepared at the request of the customer. Notarized Proofs of Service are costs and expenses not included in the prices posted on the website. The fees for notarizing Proofs of Service are $10 per signature.

Our duties and responsibilities and explanation of fees:

We will print documents as requested by the customer up to 20 pages for no extra cost. We will email customers applicable notices and Proofs of Service at the request of the customer. If no specific request is made then we will regular mail the customer the applicable document. ie: Proof of Service, Notice of Not Found, etc.

When a customer calls to cancel a job prior to it being assigned to a process server or other provider then we will refund the customer the fees that were paid in full if the job has not been printed and/or entered into our process server software. If the documents have been printed and/or job entered into our process server program and the assignment is then cancelled then we charge a process and handling fee of $20. The $20 fee is to either be paid by the customer or deducted from the amount to be refunded from the prepaid amount. This process and handling fee covers the time it takes for our office(s) to receive your assignment and prepare it to go out for service. If the customer has mailed us the documents and requests that they be returned, in the event that services have been cancelled, then we will return them as requested. In the event that the cost to deliver the documents exceeds $6 we will charge the customer for the additional postage and or handling fee.

Documents that need to be printed in excess of 20 pages are billed at the rate of 30 cents per page. This covers the expense we have in time and printing costs.

(We reserve the right to update, change and add as circumstances require) 
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